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ShorReads Fo rThe Long Road“A noun is a person, place or thing…”  Comm’on!  You know the School House Rock ditty from Saturday mornings.  OK, maybe we’re showing our age.  At least you picked it up from grade school, right?

We can’t decide the best way to categorize portableNOUNS, LLC.  Is it a publishing house, a production company, or perhaps a little of both.

The idea for portableNouns came to us several years ago when Roger wanted to create a new type of role-playing game supplement intended to reduce the time it took game masters to prepare for a game session, and while the game supplements never materialized, the company name stuck  Later, we attempted work with several artists we know to design and sell tee-shirts, after all what is more portable than a tee-shirt?  That didn’t catch on either.  The tee-shirt idea depended largely on us setting up in the dealers room at conventions, and we discovered, much to our horror, that most conventions already had established tee-shirt vendors, so they wouldn’t sell us space. (This despite the fact they didn’t have our tee-shirt designs, but I digress.)

So we took down our web site, and the company lay dormant for a couple of years, with nothing but the constant demands of the tax man to show for it.

Then something unexpected happened.  The pastor of our church stepped down, leaving us to fill in.  Quite to our surprise, we discovered a talent for speaking.

We’ve always loved audio programs.  So we thought, why not combine our love of publishing, our love of working with creative people, and our love of audio books into something interesting?  Thus was born our podcast, Short Reads for the Long Road, which premiered in August.

All the best,

Roger & Janet Carden

portableNouns, LLC is a North Carolina, Limited Liability Company.



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